Ascension at Home is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct.

To report a compliance concern, please contact the Ethics & Compliance Department at (615) 922-6125. If you prefer to report an  issue anonymously, call the Ethics & Integrity Helpline number at (877) 835-5267.

Ascension at Home Code of Conduct

Ascension at Home Compliance Policies

101 Reporting Potential Issues or Areas of Non Compliance
102 Compliance Education and Training
103 Voluntary Reporting Mechanisms
104 Responding to Government Investigations
105 Patient Confidentiality
106 Document Retention
108 Compliance Committee
109 Preventing Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
110 Exit Interviews
111 Disciplinary Action
201 Relationships with Billing Entities
202 Overview of Relevant Laws
203 Marketing to Consumers and Potential Referral Sources
204 Acceptance of Gifts from Patients or Their Families
301 General Coding and Billing
302 Monitoring and Auditing
303 Customer Waiver of Co-Payments and Deductibles
401 Home Health - Admission of Patients
402 Home Health - Discharge of Patients
403 Home Health - Initial and Comprehensive Patient Assessment
404 Home Health - Homebound Status of Medicare Patients
405 Home Health - Physician Plan of Care and Certification and Recertification
406 Home Health - Skilled Need for Medicare Patients - Nursing Services
407 Home Health - Skilled Need for Medicare Patients - Therapy Services
410 Home Health - Patient Rights and Written Notice to Patients
502 Hospice - Patient Discharge, Revocation and Transfer
503 Hospice - Initial and Comprehensive Patient Assessments
504 Hospice - Provision of Core and Non-Core Services
505 Hospice - Plans of Care and Certification and Recertification for Medicare
509 Hospice - Providing Services to Patients in Acute and Sub-Acute Settings
510 Hospice - Patient Rights and Written Notice
511 Hospice - Prohibition of Improper Patient Solicitation
601 Drug Diversion Compliance Policy
602 Drug Recalls
603 Billing Medicare Part B versus Part D
604 Oversight and Documentation of Health Professional's Credentials
605 Patient Counseling